the word of Sanskrit, means ‘in joys or happy feelings’.
It indicates joyous vibes in our working environment, with expectation of giving utmost effort to make ours and client’s logistic goals meet an elated, effective & efficient result.

PT Arsanta Mitra Logistik was established in 2020 to provide services for existing and start-up companies dealing in export and import activities. Our experienced and dedicated supporting team are committing to become an outstanding logistic company with a strong position in the market, providing our customers with a high professional service, based on a mutual trust, allowing them focus on their core business while we do their logistic hustle.  


To become an outstanding logistic company within a strong position in customer’s mind, and to provide a high professional service and total logistic solutions based on a mutual trust, which shall allow our clients to focus on their core business while we take good care of their logistic hustle. 


Improving service continuously and maintaining an exceptional company image of an outstanding logistic company in a long-term basis. 


Deliver more than expected. Assist clients in personal & positive manner. Continue a strong teamwork with clients & partners. Trust and respect each other. Human resources are company’s best asset


Our experienced and dedicated supporting team are committing to become an outstanding logistic company with a strong position in the market, providing our customers with a high professional service, based on a mutual trust, allowing them focus on their core business while we do their logistic hustle.  

Fast & Reliable

TIME is the essence of our business. We value this by applying our working attitude towards the most efficient, effective, and reliable delivery service in every time clock possible. Our team are solid and well-coordinated with an advanced technology of internal integrated system and up-to-date communication channel to avoid delays in operational process.


Our proven regular cargo volume and positive financial records have allowed us to get nett rates from major shipping lines and airlines, which eventually our company manage & to provide competitive rates to our customers.

Dynamic, Flexible
Well-knowledged Team

Our staffs understand that shipping and logistics world is dynamic. We adapt to this condition with the changing schedules of vessels and flights with ease, and keep our customers updated with situations.

Reliable Global Networks

Our extensive and reliable overseas partners enables you purchase various products and ensure safe delivery to your buyers with ease even from/to remote areas. Feel free to contact our commercial department to obtain most competitive price and its regulations.  

Strategic Location

Our head office is located in BSD City, South Tangerang, a fast economic growing area, near Jakarta capital city. Our additional team are available at seaport & airport to support your cargo arrival/departure to ensure no delays in operational activities.

Fast Invoicing Process

Supported by a strong operational team on field, we manage to collect all supporting documents at the port, depo, and other offices in order to send our invoices promptly. This will give you time to ease your budgeting and monthly closing process.

| Services

International Freight Forwarding

Sea Freight & Air Freight with wide range of international and domestic networks; ensuring effective and efficient solutions to any shipment demands

SEA FREIGHT,  We provide Full Container Load (FCL) & Less Container Load (LCL) to suit the volume dimension and weight of your cargo.

AIR FREIGHT, for more efficient solution to transport your goods in a faster way with a shorter lead time.

INTERNATIONAL NETWORKS = our close working relationship with overseas partners around the globe has allowed us to monitor and control all cargo movements from different locations in Asia, Middle East, Australia, Europe, South America, USA, and Africa. We Keep you updated of your order from the time it is placed until cargo arrives safely to your destined location.

Customs Clearence

Fully conversant custom clearance team with decades of experiences in customs rules & regulation, supported with field force at seaport/airport to handle various types of cargo.

We handle deliveries and custom clearance for various commodities: machineries & equipment, spare parts, paper, garments, spices, electrical parts, chemicals, corn oil, cosmetics, planes.

PT Arsanta Mitra Logistik is well knowledged and fully compliance with Indonesian regulations related to export/import procedures of these commodities. Please contact our team to consult on HS codes, export/import regulations in Indonesia, and estimated calculations of total logistic price including duties, taxes, and insurance cost. 

Domestic Transportation

Managing all types of local transport; inland &  inter island, regular trucks & heavy trailers, as well as cargo ships to meet customer’s demands for Indonesian market coverage.

Depending on your cargo size and weight, we provide the proper transportation mode to suit your needs for efficient and effective deliveries (small to large fleets): pick-up, CDE, CDD, CDL, Fuso, wing-box, trailers, multiaxles.

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Project Specialist

Handling heavy lift equipment, aviation, machineries and parts. Organized work system from analyzing, measurements, assessing risk factors, field surveys, simulations, executions within loading/unloading steps to safe deliveries.

Proper handling over dimension cargo of machineries & equipment, including its additional spare parts for factory moving and extension thru/via break bulk, conventional ships and container vessels. Covering movement since cargo picked up from supplier’s to buyer’s warehouse. Additional services includes: Master List’s clearance for certain machinery cargo, custom clearance from the port, delivery, and cargo positioning of units onto customer’s warehouse.

We can also cover project mobilization of local delivery around Indonesia cities & islands.

Feel free to submit your planned project shipments including its initial packing list for our accurate review & calculation.